Diana B 1967 Sunbeam Tiger Mk II 2dr Convertible

Tiger chrome emblem for sale.

I have a "Tiger" emblem for sale. My Ex gave it to me in 1977 and then he took it back. He recently sent it to me again. Its chrome and in perfect condition. He gave it to me because I used to growl at everyone and so I got the nickname Tiger. I was called Tiger for about twenty years. Anyway if anyone is interested in it I am willing to sell it. Also in 1972 my dad bought me a 1955 Buick Special, for my senior year because I was the first out of four children to graduate high school. I had it for 17 years. I would have had it longer but it was left in the custody of my Ex-husband when I went to jail in 1987. It disappeared before I got out of jail. I was young and stupid and since I had just gotten out of jail I did not want anything to do with the police. So I never knew what happened to my beloved car. I still remember the license plate number, it was CGK 605. It was a 1955 Buick Special. It was the love of my life. I also didn't go to the police because I was afraid of my husband at the time. I wish I would have though maybe I would have found out where my beloved car ended up. Thanks for letting me share. E-mail me if you are interested in my beautiful Tiger emblem, I don't know what year car it came off of, but it is in perfect condition.

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