EUGENE K 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sedan


In 1969 or 1970 i bought a nice original1955 chevrolet bel air 2 dr sedan (post car) from the nyc police department auction. I believe i paid about $180 for it. It was a really nice car with an excellent body and interior. I believe the color it was painted was olympic bronze firemist. It had what appeared to be an original 265 engine with factory 4 barrel carb. Also had two speed powerglide transmission. The front seat was replaced with black buckets from a later year chevrolet. I ran the car once at ny national speedway drag strip,. It ran 81 mph thru the 1/4 mile in low gear. I do not know what the rear end ratio was. I recall someone asking me how much the car weighted and i recall showing them the registration. I came home late and did not turn on the alarm switch which was located under the gas fill flap. The next morning i found the car stolen from in front of my house. This was in 1970. I sure would like to have the person who took it return it the vehicle id number is 55t241189.


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