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Herschel Toy

Herschel Toy

This 1957 Chevrolet was purchase in September of 1960, by mother and father( Dolores and Herschel ) for 1,300 dollar and a 1950 Mercury. This was are family car.

Some of my best memory are with this car, like family vacation at the beach camping and driving all the way back to Kentucky in 1966.

My Dad took very good care of this car. We went to drive in movies, but you had to eat your popcorn outside of the car. If went drive in restaurant you ate your hamburger outside at the picnic table.

In later years my Dad would teach my brother and myself (David and Richard) how to drive and parallel park it. Hard to do with a car with no power steering.

Also my Dad would late me take the car out on a date, with now my wife( Judy).

In 1984 the car got parked in the garage at my parents house, only to be started up once in awhile, and there the sat until 1998. My Mother then told my Dad to do something with the car, or get rid of it. So my Dad call me up and ask for some help restoring the old car, and I said yes.

By the year 2000 we had completed restoring the car, and after that my Dad went into the hospital for open heart surgery. The day he was released for the hospital I pick him up in the 57 for his ride home.

Dad and myself started taking the car to show all over the Portland area, and trailer the all the way back to Kentucky for his school reunion in 2005.

In April of 2010 my Dad got very sick, and while he was in the hospital we would talk about what he wanted done with ashes. He wanted to ride around in the car and go to car show with me.

Two day before my Dad's death he ask me to take him home,

and again I said yes. My Mother and I made all the arrangement for him at home and the next day I pick him up at the hospital in the 57 for one more ride. He was happy that he one more ride in the 57. With a smile on his face we drove to the house.

The next morning my Dad past away, but I knew that the ride in the car would not be his last one.

To this day my Dad rides with me all the time, we go to car show and tell the story of my Dad and this car.

Rick Steffy

The new owner of the 57

Rick Steffy

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