Mitch M 1967 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Coupe

My Father's Mustang

This is a story of a Dad who always loved cars (and as a result, I became a "car guy"). In the Summer of 1967, my Dad bought a brand new 1967 Mustang coupe. He always liked his cars simple, so, this car is just that, simple. A 289 2bbl V8, 4spd, radio and (AM) radio, nothing else. Simplicity at it's finest. Over the years, the car was used by all of the kids in the family (including myself) for various special events. With the original Frost Turquoise paint, it is a rarity, to say the least. It was always maintained according to my Dad's sense of need, i.e., change the oil, rotate the tires, keep it clean and do all the service work yourself! Even though the family has gone through a variety of cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles, the Mustang was always Dad's pride and joy.

In May of this year, my Dad passed away just shy of his 91st birthday. It was always understood that I would get the Mustang since I am the only sibling that is a car guy. The car could still be a daily driver with a little delayed maintenance issues addressed. With only 136K original miles on the car, it still gets a lot of compliments. The engine has never been touched, it still has the original 2bbl carburetor setup and is running on the Michelin tires Dad put on the car in the mid 1980s.

This special car will always be in the familiy. It is destined to go to one of my daughters when I finally can no longer drive. I can honestly say that no matter where I go, someone will come up to me and want to talk about the car.I fully expect this will be the case when my daughter finally gets her chance to take ownership.

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    John Potter Grand Rapids, MI, United States June 11, 2014 at 20:34
    Good job, Mitch! My Dad was a quasi car guy (nice cars, no money), that I didn't appreciate until later in life. Your kids may not appreciate old school until down the road, so hold on to it. I wish I had my father's 1959 Ford Skyliner convertible today!

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