RICH D 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sport Coupe

My 57 Bel Air

My best friend Bob had a 57 Bel Air when I first met him in 1981 and I had a 57 Ford Skyliner. I had had the Skyliner since High school, as it was my first car. The Skyliner was always breaking down(19 relays and 9 electric motors to make the top and trunk go up and down)and was making me very frustrated. One day my friend said he had to get rid of his Bel Air in order to get his wife a big enough car for their 3 children. This was a very tough thing for him as he had found My Bel Air in an old barn in 1978 and started to restore and put it back together. He even towed it from San Diego as it had no motor and the rear axel kept sliding out every hour or so from the drive from San Diego to the Bay Area. I bought his car for a great price and through in my 57 Skyliner. That was in 1983, since then the car went into the shop each year for 5 years and bit by bit every thing was replaced or added. My wife and I started driving the car from the San Francisco Bay area to Reno for hot August Nights from 1999 on. Very quickly my wife demanded I put an Air Conditioning system in which I did(Vintage Air) and the car kept it's classic look, but drives like a new car as we added power windows, steering and a other modern creature comforts. My son and I spent many years working and tinkering on the car and it will be passed on to him and my grandson some day. Cars have always been a passion of mine. I have 4 very fun/collectables and love each of them for their different aspects and feeling I get when I drive or show them.

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