TOM V 1965 GTO automatic


Some how I talked my Dad into buying 1965 GTO. We picked up the car from ACE PONTIAC in June 1965. I was allowed to drive it to school until one of my teachers called my home and told my Mom that I was "burning" the tires around school. I was grounded. Any way I took my girl friend, now my wife, to her prom in now MY GTO. My kids love it, and I'm still cruising after all these years. It still looks great and I can still "burn" the tires.

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    Howard Salsitz Southern CA June 12, 2014 at 00:03
    Great story. And, she's put up with you all of these years? ha ha I have a '67 GTO which needs to be restored. Ive had it since '89. I always loved Pontiacs and had 5 over the years (graduated from high school in '63). When I was on active duty in the Navy ('65-'66; 'Nam '66), I saved my money for a Goat but didn't have enough despite saving almost everything I was paid and sending it home. But, I do have mine now.

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