Dickie S 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 2dr SportsRoof

The Perfect Car

It was 1969 and I was in the Army and stationed in Texas. I was sent there to finish out my service after being wounded twice in Vietnam and sent home. I have always been a die hard Ford man so when I saw a brochure on the 1969 Boss 302 Mustang I knew that was my dream car. I was to get out of the service in November 1969 so since the 1970 models came out in September I decided to order a 1970 model. It was to be my gift to myself for making it back from Vietnam and getting out of the service.

My home is in North Carolina so I called my dad and told him I wanted him to order it for me. I went to the local Ford dealership and got information on all options available for the Boss. About the only options I didn't get was power steering and deluxe interior. Calypso Coral was the only color for me. Fell in love with it when I first saw it on a 1968 Mercury Cyclone. So I sent my dad exactly how I wanted it and he ordered it for me.

My Boss beat me home by two weeks. It got to the dealership November the 1st. I flew home from Texas Friday the 14th. Went to the bank Saturday morning the 15th and signed my loan papers, then straight to the dealership to pick up my dream car. It was sitting outside waiting for me and when I saw it I thought it was the most beautiful car I had ever seen and I still feel that way today.

It is unrestored. Still has the original paint and interior. Many people have asked me what would you take for you car. I just tell them it is not for sale and never will be.

How could you ever let go of your dream car and the perfect car for you.

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