Gary P 1981 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham 4dr Sedan

Our Wedding car - and the Best Man makes a 20 year tech leap

Our wedding car was my Dad's 1981 Pontiac Bonneville with the Brougham package - top of the line for that year. Big and plush and easily able to carry the whole wedding party in style. It was almost identical to the promotional photo I've attached; Dad's had optional hubcaps (caps that became standard on the Parisienne that followed) that made it look even more stately. Although it was three years old at our wedding, Dad kept his Bonneville pristine so it looked fresh out of the showroom.

At the time my Best Man was driving a 1961 Ford Falcon. He had it fixed up pretty nice, but like most Falcons it was very basic. He almost fell over when Dad handed him the keys to the Bonneville. It was quite an upgrade from his usual ride. At first he was intimidated, but soon we almost had to pry him out of that car. He started saving money, and a few years later he bought his own top line model. He told me that although he loved his Falcon, he hadn't realized what he'd been missing - like air conditioning, automatic transmission, FM radio, less road and wind noise, even seat belts. It's been a series of top line models for him ever since.

Dad's Bonneville participated in several more weddings. I had friends request it, even when it was over ten years old. Eventually Dad bought a new car and blessed me by giving me the Bonneville. I drove the wheels off that car - over 325,000 miles by 2004 - before I finally had to give it up due to electrical gremlins / parts not available. We donated it to a funds drive for cancer research, who were pleased to sell it for much more than they usually got for an old car.

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