Ted C 1939 Packard 110 Series 2dr Touring Sedan

Our Wedding Car

Picture it: 1985, Washington, DC. I'm working for a Congressman, my fiance is working at a restaurant on Capitol Hill.

Our wedding was quirky in every way. First,we got married on a sailboat in the Washington Channel, just an Argentina Bombshell-toss away from the Tidal Basin. Then we retired to the popular restaurant where my (now) wife worked for the reception.

Because it was a Saturday afternoon, the restaurant was closed, but opened for our private party. The restaurant owners, chef, and most of the staff were Greek, and there is nothing like a big, fat, Greek wedding!

But the highlight of the event was driving my 1939 Packard touring sedan to and from the reception. It was a Model 110 six-cylinder ("poor man's Packard), Packard Blue in color. The best man served as chauffeur. And it took that big Packard to hold all the wedding presents!

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