Sheryl M 1966 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Coupe

Wedding exit----and detour!

My first car was a 1966 Mustang, 289 automatic, factory knee-knocker a/c, AND--wait for it--factory 8-track. It was Emberglo Metallic with Emberglo and Parchment Pony interior. What an awesome car! When we got married in January 1976, we decided to take the Mustang on our honeymoon to the coast at Galveston. All went well until our well-meaning family and friends decided to decorate the car while we were inside at the reception. With Edge Shaving Gel. Be sure and read that part carefully......gel. On the outside AND inside of the windows and windshield. Do you know what happens to shaving gel when you start rubbing it to get it off? Or when you add any water? That's right, it smears and then turns into shaving cream! (Oh--and they also squirted it onto the door handles. Yeah, that was fun!) So when my new husband started trying to get it off the windshield so he could see out, it smeared that greasy gel all over the glass. We drove slowly away from the church and stopped by our apartment to get wet towels and proceeded to clean the gunk off so we could drive. Took about a half hour to get it all off. As you can see from the picture, they also used shoe polish to write on the car.....on the paint. When we drove to Galveston the next day, the first place we hit was a car wash to get that off before "She got him today....He'll get her tonight" became a permanent part of the Mustang. That was a great memory---38 years later, we still laugh (with a grimace) about the Edge Shaving Gel incident.

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