Stan A 1968 Plymouth GTX 2dr Convertible

Wedding & honeymoon car

My wife Paulette and I were married on 9/6/69 and my '68 GTX convert was about one year old at that time. We put on about 3,500 miles on our honeymoon and when I drove, averaged 18 mpg. When my wife drove, about 15 mpg. She sure did love that power and passed everything that made her uncomfortable. We made stops in Omaha, Denver, CO Springs (all the tourist sites), Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Albuquerque, OK, MO & IL. The GTX did not have air and we unzipped the back window, opened the vents and we had nice flow through ventilation. Look at the top color, it's green. When I ordered it, I had no idea only one other person would do the same. Wish I had it back now, but I traded it for my '71 Charger Superbee, another rare car and another I wish I hadn't sold..

Nothing ever replaced the GTX for shear power and top down fun. A great car which served us well on our honeymoon. Lots of wonderful memories.

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