Dave A 1975 Cadillac Eldorado 2dr Convertible

Our family wedding getaway car from 1980

Well, you asked what car we left our wedding with. It was a 1975 Eldorado convertible owned by my father-in-law at the time or our wedding, April, 1980. The car had about 25K miles on it at the time. The neat story is that we still have the car and are married, 34 years latter. My father-in-law passed away about 4 years after our wedding and at that point we were able to keep the car. For some reason none of the other family members wanted the old "gas guzzler".

My family has owned Cadillacs since the 1930's and it seems right to own a Cadillac today. It now resides in our garage with about 55K miles on it. It has held up well. We will most likely have it until it is ready to pass on to one of our 4 children. They can decide at that point who gets the car. A side note, my oldest daughter used it as a getaway car for her wedding 3 years ago and we have another daughter getting married this year who will use it too! It is becoming a family tradition.


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