Bob M 1955 Ford Fairlane Country Squire 4dr Station Wagon

My Dad had one, Now I'm the Dad

I remember standing on the bumper of my Dad's 55 Ford Ranch Wagon as he filled the air filter up with oil. Yup, the old oil bath air cleaner. I was 4 years old in 55, So the nostalgia bug hits us and some urges are hard to fight. I saw this 55 Ranch Wagon and needed to get it. I can remember looking up from the front seat through the clear speedometer housing and watching him shift the column 3 on the Tree shifter.

So now I had my memories back. It was an investment, and still needed work after that, but it was worth it to remember my Dad, who I lost in 1962.

And I am getting married (again) on June 21st of this year (2014). We will be driving away with this car with tin cans on strings and shoe polished phrases on the windows. My girlfriend puts up with me and my collection of vehicles, but but loves the Ford for the connection I have with it.

And I let my grand kids climb on the bumper and look into the engine compartment like I did.

The lists do not show the 2 Door Ranch Wagon, but that is what it is.

Bob Marshall

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