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Monsoon on wedding day but still a great time!

Our wedding many years ago was a glorious day despite the rain - as we moved our reception indoors into the 1912 vintage carriage house I lived in at the time - and Linda and I posed for a few snaps with the DB5 in Silver Birch (yes, the OO7 "colour") I'd been running for six years. Suggested caption for Linda's expression here was "DB5? DB MINE!". We did a few driving vacations - to Lime Rock of course, and then up to Maine, and one epic journey to the North Carolina Outer Banks and back through the Smokies. My wife was glad after I eventually sold it, after 60,000 miles and several race meetings ... to focus on just one Aston, my DB4GT.

A few months after our marriage, she did surprise me with the most wonderful birthday present: a 1953 Aston Martin DHC [converitble] .... a $500 jalopy at the time with no motor... but that is another story.

The DB5/1537/R indeed moved on: back to England, then Japan for a couple of decades, and last year back to England, to a doc in Sussex.... and the wife and I have survived a few more rainstorms and logged lots more miles, but I haven't traded her in....

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