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My first new car a white 72 MGB. Wanted a GT but there was more leg room in the "B". Go figure. 22 years old. Getting married and going to the mountains on the honeymoon. On the weeding day it poured rain. The "B" was tight as could be sitting still but leaked like a sieve over the windscreen when underway. My dear, sweet loving cousin thought Vaseline on the wiper blades would be a funny leave the church gag. . Got new wipers when the blade started coming apart from the petroleum in the rubber later the same afternoon. In the Smokies the next day ran into snow. We did fine with the exception of the stop and go. Meaning with every stop we made in traffic the car in front of us would give it the gas and proceed to slide backwards towards us. No incidents other than the heart burn. Made it to Gatlinburg.

Had a great week. Even did a bit of hill climbing on an old ski trail. The "B" did a super job, just finally ran out of traction.

The only problem was packing for the return. After all the stuff we/she bought, luggage rack full, she road home with her feet resting on a box of new china.

Hey, we are still married, coming up on #42. The "B" left us, traded it in on a 74 RX3 5 door wagon. But that's another story. Current toys, 69 Chevy PU, long bed, step side. Nothing pretty. just fun to drive. And a 74 Vette Grand Sport wannabe project.

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