john h 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 2dr Convertible

Getting away from the wedding

In August of 1967 my sweetheart and I were married. Between her cousins and my fraternity brothers, we knew that the getaway car would probably be a target for a prank.

Since we didn't really want to drive around with tin cans, signs and worse, we hid the 65 Corvair Monza convertible in a garage. We departed the church in my roommate's 67 Pontiac Tempest and thought we were home safe with no sign of tampering when we retrieved the turquoise and white Corvair.

Unfortunately, one of my new bride's cousins was with us and could not let an opportunity pass by so, using the only weapon handy --a lipstick, she wrote "Just Married" on the plastic rear window. We managed to head off on a honeymoon to London, Paris and Montreal (Canadian cities in Ontario and Quebec) with no additional indication of our newlywed status.

Now comes the rest of the story. It seems that between the rough texture of the window and the greasy nature of lipstick, the sign was very difficult to erase. We finally, apparently, made it go away after a couple of days of gas station window cleaning. After that, for years, every time it rained, the "just married" message reappeared in the form of beaded water where the lipstick remained deeply imbedded in the plastic window. It was almost embarrassing when the sign reappeared while we were out with our three year old.

I do not know how long the image remained since we traded the Corvair in on a 68 Buick GS 400 convertible in 1970. This phenomenon lasted much, much longer than the lingering odor of skunk in the car as the result of a run-in on the interstate in upstate New York on the return home. That is probably a topic for another story.

NOTE: the picture with this is not my Corvair. Those pictures are all on 35mm slides and I was not able to recapture one.

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