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First car - First date !

My first car was a 1973 Mustang I bought from the local ford dealership when I was in high school.

It was not the car I had been looking at for the past week or so. They sold that one just before I got there.

I had been looking at and dreaming about this red, 1973 Gran Torino Sport! I was pretty dissapointed. The salesman said...."wait, before you leave, take a look at this nice Mustang we just took in on a trade".

So after a quick test drive, I bought the Mustang. It was stick shift! The Torino was an automatic.

Not long after buying the Mustang. I asked this girl at school out on a date. I picked her up in the Mustang. We went out to dinner at "Victoria Station" then to a movie, no not the drive-in.....

We have been on many dates since that first one in 1978 and we are happily married today! Yes, we drove the Mustang away from our wedding.

Both of our daughters had their very first ride in that Mustang when they came home from the hospital.

We still have that " Medium Chestnut" (metallic copper/ brown) Mustang sitting in the garage today. Oh I've owned several dozen cars since buying that first Mustang. Incuding my wife's 1969 Camaro, a couple of race cars, 4X4's etc. And, there are many more on my "wish list"....

- Erick

(I can submit a picture later if you like).

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