Diane D 1989 targa 2 door coupe all original

My gift to myself for getting my Harvard MBA

I always loved older cars and special ones. I just loved the style of the 1989 model and wanted one. I found a car that was black on black, low miles, never in the salt, targa and purchased it as I could. I grew up in a small farming town and worked hard, the only one of

4 to get to college and parents did not get to go. I went into the computer field though all professors told me women were not in the field. This made me work harder and make it. After getting my BS degree I then worked, did extremely well and went back to get my MBA at Harvard which changed my life.

I still have my dream car and every time I drive it, I can't stop smiling. I love it and how it drives. It is a great car, love the engine and watching others smile as I ride by.

That's my story:-)

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