Michael G

"This Car Has Soul Daddy!"

It took five years of saving up enough cash to even consider the purchase.

Two years of searching for the right one, with a few that slipped away.

Then a Craig"s List ad that might might have gotten a pass over from most, unless you clicked on the post and looked into the details of the car and then you would have realized that this car was a sleeper with a 3.0 verses the 2.7 that would have or could have blown up.

At 2,400 pounds wet, this 911 is very quick and agile. Worn black leather seats that are saturated with the smells of oil and gas from long drives from the past 37 years permeate every luscious line and curve of the this art on wheels. It's a driver, she has chips, bug guts, and by no means is she perfect, but she never fails to catch someones eye, she is true and honest and has never failed to start. In the summer months, I drive the Targa to work, to my daughters soccer games, my sons Origami classes, every day errands or long drives around curvy roads of Lake Minnetonka.

My 15 year-old permit carrying daughter (pictured) one time asked me..."when you die, I get this (911) right?" I asked why, "This car has soul daddy"

She "gets it"

Michael G.

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    Jim B. Phoenix, AZ June 4, 2014 at 13:08
    Cool story! Thanks for sharing. Always nice to see the kids enjoying (and respecting) the toys too.
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    Pete Loscalzo Lebanon, NJ June 4, 2014 at 14:36
    What is it with daughters and inheritance? My 10 year old grand daughter asked her mother the same thing about a pair of earrings! I have to say, I'd rather get the car, but then I'm a guy. And I think my grand daughter, if she had to choose between the earrings and the car, she would also choose the car,

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