Kyle T 1988 Toyota Pickup 1/2 Ton 2dr Pickup

Oh what a get back your old Yota !!

As a high school teen one of the popular vehicles to have was the Toyota Pickup. It was reliable, usable, and easy to customize. It wasn't til my college years that I would get one. My Dad bought myself and my youger brother a 1988 Regular cab deluxe model in 1992 that had 53,000 miles on it. I drove it to college, used it to go out and drove it to work and hauled Jet Skis and later even my 20Ft Bass Boat ( pulled ok but stops needed planning). Dad let me take it when I married (95) and I used it til 2001 when we had children and needed something larger. I sold it to my next door neighbors for 2500.00 and they ( an elderly couple) used it for yard work and running local errands for their estate. From time to time I would still change the fuel filter or help start it if it sat too long. One day their daughter told me that it would not pass the state inspection cause the bright lights would not come on anymore. i offered to look at it and would wind up replacing the dimmer switch in the column. It was during the time that I noticed that even though it was faded badly the outside was still straight and the inside was near perfect. In the 9 years that had passed since I had sold it the couple( the wife really) had amassed only 10,000 miles. I took my kids for a ride after the repair (boy, 9 and girl, 7) and they were excited to know that it was once mine and to roll the windows up and down as well as watch me shift the 5 speed. My little girl thought that was how it was steered.(joystick generation I suppose). When i returned it to the owners I told the lady that if they ever decide to get rid of it to let me know as I might would want it back. She asked why ? I told her the first time I had it, it was my primary means of transportation but if I had it back I could restore it and play with it more. A few days later she told my wife that when she and her husband decided to will it back to me after clearing it with their children. After another year or so passed they decided to give it back as it had sat for almost a year with no use. They gave me it back in June of 2011. When i got it back I thought I am not sure if this was too smart cause it needed alot of little things. I started with fixing a couple small oil leaks, had the air conditioner repaired, then a complete brake job, new drag link and idler arm. Then I started hitting the junkyard for interior parts and dealer items that you can't find to easily for these anymore. I remove the bed and cleaned and undercoated it, had the truck repainted and a liner sprayed in it. I have upgraded the interior to just about SR5 trim level including digital clock, full instrumentation gauges, tilt steering column, bucket seats and a center console. I even snagged a full set of the OEM Toyota aluminum wheels that went on the turbo charged trucks of it's era. All told I have spent probably 3-4 thousand on it since I got it back. I call it my "Cool ole Yota". My daughter would say it so fast it sounded like "Cool ta ta" which she will still say when she sees another on the road today. I like to take the kids out for a spin on a nice day and even the wife will ride in it when we get the chance to go eat out for lunch or hang out at the river when the kids are away. Although not what I consider a true collectable type of auto it gets quite a few compliments and offfers to buy when I fill up with gas. The Factory 22R has 206,000 miles on it and runs like a top and does not use any oil. A buddy of mine that was a Toyota Technician did a valve job and timing chain on it before it was sold in 02. It is not the most comfortable, fastest, or powerfull vehicle but it has the dependabilty of a Timex watch.

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