Rick H Porsche 911

Understated surprise!

Last fall my wife and I traveled to visit her brother, who is suffering the effects of a terminal illness. Upon a late arrival and pickup from the airport, his girlfriend proceeded to her house, in order to supply us with her other car. This would give us the independence to travel around, at our own convenience, for the several days we were visiting.

As we pulled into her driveway, she told us of the plan, which was to have me take the car sitting in front of the garage, and follow her to our accommodations at an ocean-side condo she also owned. She handed me the keys and told me to get in. Being dark outside, all I could tell was that this vehicle was low and sleek. Peering around, my eyes came to rest directly in front of me...at the symbol on the steering wheel. Hmm, it looked familiar, but not readily identifiable to me, a domestic vintage car owner.

Inserting the key and starting it up, a nice mellow burble suddenly filled my ears. The deep form-fitting seats swallowed me and placed my right hand in close proximity to the shifter. This was a cockpit! And I was the pilot! Nervously driving away and following the lead car, I barely moved my hand and was in 2nd gear. Such a short throw...this was going to be fun! Five minutes later we arrived at our destination. I couldn't keep the smile from my face, after parking the car.

Asking how I liked the 'loaner', she smiled herself. She had given us her Porsche 911, to be our transportation. This wonderful, generous lady had not only given so much in caring for her boyfriend, in his limited time left, she had unselfishly given us her 'baby', in wanting to give us the best time possible, while there! What a totally unexpected and exciting gift it was, too! Beyond that, she told us to 'stretch it's legs' if we so desired!

Just commuting around town those few days was great, and having permission to enjoy the car to its maximum potential, was even more special, however, I respected her property too much (and valued my license to much) to get crazy with it. My wife wasn't so restrained, however, and opened it up on a pre-sunrise trip to the beach!

I gained a healthy respect for the Porsche during that time, I must say. Not being very familiar with the sporty vehicles from Germany, I soon learned that they could quickly grow on you! I have no idea what vintage her Porsche is, but suspect a 2000ish model year, due to the Millennium Edition badging, possibly. Still, it was like a new car and deeply cherished by its owner...not surprisingly!

Getting to enjoy a car like that was very special, obviously, but getting to meet its owner and experience the unselfish life of a true lady, was probably the most special part of the whole trip. I am richer for having met her!

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