peter s 1972 Porsche 911 T 2dr Coupe

"You will never fit all of that in there!"

Said Laurent (Lolo), my good friend, while waiting to see me pack the ambitious amount of camping gear into, and on top of my 1972 911t. It was June 2013, and my dad, my old Navy buddy and his wife were visiting me in my new adopted home in the South of France. The event which was the catalyst for this adventure was the famous "24 heures du mans", and we were going to do it right. Several tents, air mattresses, a gas and a charcoal grill, blankets, pillows, 4 camping chairs, a camping table, tarps, frying pans, cooking utensils, coffee with my imported Coleman camping coffee pot, camera food, and alcohol were all siting in the warm provincial sun waiting to be packed jigsaw puzzle style into this 41 year old car. Long story short, I managed, this sports car that was made to be usable every day cheerfully swallowed up this extreme amount of stuff, and Lolo ate his words. Chuck and his wife took the high speed train to Paris, then Lemans, and my Dad and I drove the 10 hours non-stop in my Classis Porsche. Several days of fun ensued, with my buddy Florian from Germany meeting us there in his Alfa Romeo Spyder. We grilled every meal for days, drank many an adult beverage with the crazy Austrians accross from us in the campground, listened to Scott from Scotland rev his one of only three Corvette Z06's registered in Scotland to the rev limiter, at least ten times a day. From Barry the English pub owner, to the quiet guy in the camper van next to us, we were all there to celebrate all things cars. It is an experience that everyone that loves cars and racing owe it to themselves to try once. From the moment I saw Steve Mcqueen driving his 911 at the beginning of the film Lemans, I have always wanted to be there. And I did it with my dad, in my own vintage 911.

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