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Finally – A replacement for my wife’s destroyed Camaro Z28

In 1996, I was in a head-on collision with my then wife’s 1979 blue Camaro Z28. The car was destroyed and me almost with it – I was off work for seven weeks recovering from numerous cuts, bruises and back injuries. The accident was not my fault, but I always felt guilty that the car was totaled, so I went on a quest for a replacement. In the summer of 1998, I found ‘Tweety’, a bright yellow 1978 Camaro Z28. The original owner, so I was told, won the 6/49 Lotto and stored the car for ten years in a barn. He eventually sold it to the second owner, who owned it for about three years and barely drove it at all. The second owner was working on other car projects at the time, and no longer had room for the vehicle, so he decided to sell it despite his wife’s fondness for the car. When I saw the for sale ad for the 1978 Camaro Z28, I immediately went to see it. I couldn’t believe it, as the car was in near mint condition, with only 49K kilometers on it. Everything was stock original, and it seemed like nothing was ever put in the trunk or the ashtrays, as they were pristinely clean. The car even had the original compact spare tire and gas inflator. We went for a test drive, and I made the deal! Sixteen years later, ‘Tweety’ is still in great form, and still original – a true survivor! The name ‘Tweety’ came about not only for the bright yellow colour, but because my young son bought me a Tweety shoulder belt protector, and ever since, I have been buying Tweety plush toys that fill the back seat. Kids really like the ‘Tweety’ theme, but I constantly have to watch out for Sylvester!

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