Clint W 1970 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 2dr SportsRoof

Found: A '70 XL Like the One That Got Away

My story starts in Viet Nam in letters home about the new car I will have when I am out of the Army. It's October, 1969, and the '70's models are out. Dad and I visit our local Ford dealer to buy my car. Dad wanted a sedan, but he approved of the XL Sportsroof. I wanted a 390, but Dad said a 351 is plenty. I agree, we order the car, and soon I am the proud owner of a new dark blue '70 XL. I drove it very fast (Montana had no speed limit back then), so the 351 probably kept me alive. It went the way of worn out ready to trade by 1976. I had also had a 1969 Ford XL which I had sold as well. Through the years, I realized I missed my XL. I also had had a 1972 Corvette in the interim, as well as a 1976 Nova Concours, and a 1980 Dodge 024. I found a '70 XL roller which I bought five years ago. Scouring the Internet, I found a dark blue '70 XL with a 428 CJ, 2500 rpm C-6, and 4.11 rear with Goodyear raised-letter tires on Cragers. It's rusty, but it goes very fast. Driving it home, the stock AM radio was tuned to a station playing '60's oldies, and I remember thinking that it doesn't get any better than this. It won't win car shows, but maybe I can enter it the unrestored category. Just to have it in my yard brings back all those memories of a young soldier back home again.

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