Kevin F 1965 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Never thought Id have another one

63 to 67 Corvettes and 55 to 57 chevrolet have always been my favorite cars . many of each and all lost to attrition needing money children always wanting to find another to replace the one that went away I started with 55 to 57 many chevrolet belairs 2 door sedans a 57 chevrolet convertable 2 door station wagons then the corvettes started at 16yrs of age a 63 convertable then a 67 coupe my favorite 427 cu 400 hp lost due to child on way wheeled and dealed for 65 convertable and cash the one that got away the 65 came and went a 66 coupe same 66 convertable had a few years also gone a 67 convertable worked on ran out of time and money gone had a couple of 69s convertable and coupe convertable went garage collapsed took out windhield sold car and ended up with 20 yr dry spell then a friend let me know he was going to sell his and if I was still interested I said yes and dry spell was over it needs a lot of work but ive had alot of practice my smile has returned if car meets my expectation It would be hard to pry off live your dreams no mater how long it takes

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