Michael F 1964 1/2 convertable mustang

Driving ourselves to the end of our world

My wife and I met in Florida we promised each other that after all 3 of our girls went off to college we would move back for good. Well in 2009 that dream became a reality. The kids new it was coming and looked forward to visiting us in a better climate so on December 26th 2009 the day after christmas with a brand new 3 inches of snow we packed up the mustang and took off . We took out time taking off road routes and made it a game only staying at hotels that we could find a 60's vintage car. We saw and made many new friends all the way to Florida. In georgia we were wishing there was another more creative way to our drive than just pulling in a driveway. That said we agreed to head to the true end of the road Mile Marker 1 in Key west We meet more great car buffs on the way down and had a great time talking joking and telling car stories. We finally reached our destination a week later at the southernmost point of the US mile marker 1. A true personal achievement. The car performed impeccably with only one slight overheating issue. A true test of our will a terrific classic car performance. The countryside, small town generosity, unbelievable water views, and people of the is country we will never forget.

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