Steve W 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

1965, Then & Again

Well, it's certainly not a rare car, but it has had a lasting impression on me, In 1970, my parents bought a used, 1965 Mustang coupe after my Dad's '56 F-150 gave its' final notice (I know, would love to have that one back too). Anyway, they brought home a honey-gold coupe, with black interior, 289 automatic and it was the sweetest little car. That first day, I was out there in the driveway right along with them detailing this new addition. I was 9 and I was bit - day one! This became the first car I ever drove and I had to sit on my Dad's lap to steer. Many Sundays we'd go hiking and the little dirt road leaving the hiking trail became my spot to "take the wheel". Dad manipulated the pedals, but I had the fun part! The speedometer, so unique had the bar and not the dial. Those little details stick with you. The pony emblem on the glove box and that long console with the "T" shifter...I can still feel the chrome.

Dad kept the car many years until the tired 289 began smoking, which of course the surgeon general strongly opposed. Ok weak joke, but he sold the car to a buddy (long before I was of age) for something like $500 and I never got a chance to "inherit" and restore the car.

My first car ended up being a '69 Cougar my Mom gave me at 17 as she got something a little newer and not quite so fast. That car could haul! All 351 cubes connected when you hit the gas and it remains one of the quickest stock cars I ever had. It was a fluke how quick it was and i beat a lot of guys in it. My Mom, poor thing, she really worried I'd kill myself in it. I'm still here.

I had my run with Camaros too, a coupe, a convertible and an SS, all '69's. Again, kick me for not having more foresight! Always had cool cars - love 'em!

Fast forward to 2004. I'd been looking for quite a while for a 289 coupe with 4-speed and A/C (hey, if you live in the Sacramento Valley...I found one! I'd been watching the ad in the paper - yes, the newspaper and saw two price drops over a couple weeks - bam! Got to go see it. I was pleasantly surprised it looked pretty good and was fairly straight. Test drive; it died. But, there I was presented with the perfect negotiation opportunity. They wanted $4,800 - I took it home for an even $4k.

It has since been transformed into nothing like my Dad's was, but a cooler version with a lot more horsepower! Still a work in progress, but well on its' way! Love them Ponies!

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