Richard L 37 Packard busibness coupe

Freak for 37 Packard coupes

I have always loved autos from the mid to late 30s, In the 1980s , I spotted a 37 Packard 115 coupe in a gas station in Wilmington Delaware. Turns out it was owned by a member of the DuPont family and had a cracked block, I was thrilled to grab it for 1200 dollars. It was in my opinion the prettiest of all 30s cars. I repaired and drove her for 20 years as a stock survivor. (yes you insured her) . Fast forward to 2014, had to sell her as I started a family and a business, I did not have the heart to tell my two small children, so I told them it is just off the the repair shop to get fixed. I was heart broken but in a few short years I was back on my feet and tried desperately to buy her back with no luck. Every 2 days for several years I would search '37 Packard' on the web, finally found one just uncovered after 60 years in a Pennsylvania barn. Within a month it was in my garage, this time I was going to satisfy my hot rod desires while respecting the car, no torches allowed just reversible drive train mods ( 1966 Cadillac 429). Everything else is bone stock and slowly being restored to factory specs. Did a frame off restoration to everything except the outer skin ( Iam enjoying the patina of a 77 year old car) eventually it will be painted with the factory color. Thought you may like to see my pride and joy. Rich Lechner

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