Timothy T 1967RSSS350

36 years and still my baby

1978 Driving my $50 dollar 67 RSSS (Jan 76), My friend tells me about its twin sitting in a salvage yard. I saw it and it was only a shell even the rear end was gone, had to have it! Sold to me as a parts car so I could switch everything over to the one I was driving! Instead I rebuilt it. Seemed like a lot of money back then but I built it for less than 2K. Its first showing was the Car Craft street machine nationals 1981. I drove the 50 dollar one there in 1980. After numerous Super Chevy and car craft events, many other shows and a lot of drag racing. I am in the process of a rotisserie rebuild. Gm sheet metal ect. 600 HP 383 auto trans and 4.56 gears. In 97 I tryed to run across mi. on power tour. WE burned 100 gallons of fuel in six hours!! We had a blast! Especially when the state police followed us for a mile or so!

Not sayin why but... we had fun! I still have the 50 dollar car it has it's protect-o plate and all its original parts. Both my cars were built first week of production 42 cars apart and sold at the same dealership. First one has power windows, AM/FM, rear widow def., tach. and gauges and more. This one came with RSSS350, tinted windows, Manual steering, Manual Disc brakes 4 speed and no other options. both cars were Granada gold inside and out!

I have so many stories that go with this car I could go on forever! I love my Camaro's

This is a true street car with pictures to prove its been there. and souvenir tickets to go with those pics! I now have 4 Camaro's in my collection I've added a 70 SS and a special order By Berger 2002 SS convertible with 35th anniv stripes and a Berger billet grille! The picture was taken in 1981 before we left for the nats. Great memory's Great cars!

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