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They'd say, "There is no 350 camaro in 1967....",

I had no idea what I'd bought. The rare experiences I had with a manual trans was an old pickup that putted along...not this thing that could do a 360 from a dead stop on pavement.

I'd purchased it for $800 in 1976, for some reason, I never painted the primered spots over with some kind of blue.

The heater worked like krap and the floorboards in the rear were gone, but...

...with the rear seat folded down I could load a set of drums, my Bassman amp, and my P Bass.

And with that load I decided to see what happened with the pedal to the floor. The lil Camaro already ran 14s before it spun a bearing. After I reached 100mph and still had pedal, I backed off.

I should have been killed in this car. During a slight DUI situation, I opened my eyes and I was doing 70mph in a 30 zone, and come up behind a flatbed. Miss him by t-t-t-that much and he lean on his horn.

Briefly I pulled the L48 and the 4speed and slid it into a '66 BelAir wagon in front of a Powerglide. I needed band transportation. A Vette was pulling up on me fast out on a freeway and just for fun I dropped it into low as he was next to me. I think the guy almost filled his pants seeing this wagon screaming away from him. I shut it down, knowing I didn't have the top end--it was just for the effect anyway.

Eventually, the 350 and its Muncie found their way back into the body. I later bought a '67 CST for band transpotation and some little weasels from small town MN got my sweet SS for a song.

If only the Internet had existed then, and I wasn't such a pushover.

Many years of fun, street racing, party times, and feeling "cool". It may not have looked like much, but I can say I owned one of the first 350SS Camaros built. And I lived! And NO tickets!

Just wish there had been a barn to keep it in.

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