Matt D

Camaro Fever

I first caught Camaro fever at a very young age. I would always be on the look out for that distinctive front end. When I turned 16 a white 1990 Camaro RS with T-tops caught my eye. It sat at a dealership that I passed every day. Every day I would tell my friends that I was going to have that car. After months of saving and convincing my parents it was a good idea, I finally drove up there with my dad. The night before a foot of snow came down. The guy at the dealership couldn't believe he had to shovel out a Camaro in the middle of winter for a test drive. The car had 92,000 miles and we picked it up for $5000. I drove that Camaro through high school and most of college. I loved that car. When the time came to put more money into it, my parents would not front me the cash. They didn't believe in the value of the car.

Ever since that day, I dreamed that I would have a muscle car once again. A few months ago I found a 1973 RS Camaro that was in my price range. I am currently in the process of restoring the interior. I received the gauge cluster and remanufactured gauges this afternoon. I have the brand new wire harness waiting to be put in. I can't wait to have everything installed so I have take it for a ride.

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