roger f 2001 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 2dr Coupe

one of one (Corvette Killer)

When I heard that Pontiac was shutting down production of the firebird (supposedly in 2001) I ordered a loaded trans am convertible

WS6 .

Several years later I was reading an article about the trans am's , and that in the 2001 production of convertibles only 66 were ordered with a white top, and that got me wondering about my car, so I did a VIN search and it turns out mine optioned as it is, is a one of one.

it was always meant to be a keeper (this just made it a little more so) and it has always been pampered, people have asked if it has been restored and repainted, but she is exactly as she came out of GM. As they say driven only on Sunday,,lol

kept inside and covered, very low mileage,

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