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In 1967 I bought a Camaro SS350 with 8600 miles on it. Over the years I reworked the engine with a lot of Z/28 parts like, cam, intake, headers and added 4.56 rear gears. It was a very quick ride. Unfortunately I had to sell it after 10 years so that I could by my house. About 4 years went by with nothing to play with. One day I saw an add in the local paper for a '79 Z/28 at one of the local dealers. I went to look at it and knew I had to have it. I used it as daily transportation for quite a few years until it got put up in the garage where it sat for the next 10 years.

In the mean time I went though a divorce and was able to keep the car (she wanted nothing). I have since hooked up with what is probably the best woman I could have hoped for. We had been going to a lot of Cruises and shows and she wanted to know what it would take to get my Camaro to where we could drive to shows and cruises. I estimated 5 years and $5000. She told me DO IT. So to make a long story short, I was able to get it done in less than the 5 years but it cost much more than the $5000. It got a new interior, new hood and new paint keeping the Black exterior with the carmine interior.

We now attend 3 to 4 cruises a week, when the weather permits, and do probably 6 or more shows a year. This year it got a total engine rebuild with a few more shiny pieces.

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