Eric H

My $800. Camaro

The year was 1976. I just turned 16 and mowed enough lawns and landed a job at the local steak house "Cask-N-Cleaver "washing dishes/clean up. I purchased this Camaro from an older couple. It was a stock 67 Camaro ....That was all I knew. I took it home and it broke down on the way. Had to have it towed home. I spent a few months getting it running again. Spent all my high school years with a primer grey rattle can paint job and finally in 1978 after I graduated...I did all the bodywork myself...Paid a body shop $500 to spray a blue gloss paint on it...Turned out nice if you didn't look too close. I purchased the slot mags of a friend of mine. Came off his custom van. 50 series in back...I could burn up my rear tires every 3 months doing burn-outs. I loved this car...even though I had to keep a tool box in the trunk to keep it running....First picture is when I used paint remover to strip it down to metal...notice the was 1978 remember....Then the second picture is 1979 after I finally got her painted. Wish I had it still today. Sold it to go to school....

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    Marcela Berney-Brown Sterling, KS June 18, 2014 at 17:20
    Love it! Looks a lot like my ragtop. I have a 67 RS convertible that was my first car. Have owned it for 35 year!

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