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Eat your heart out, I bought it NEW!

This is a joke, right? I'm suppose to tell a story here, right here, about more than 2/3rds of my life?

OK, here's a very short version: It's 1964 and that dreaded Mustang was just released. I was in Jr. High School and decided right then and there that no matter what Chevy's answer was, I was going to buy it. Well, news came out and we kids were very excited to get it. First it was suppose to be a Panther but was then changed to a 'Camaro'. What's a Camaro we all asked. (still don't know the answer) Then the development and sales and more development such as 4 wheel disc brakes and that aluminum engine. I forget what it was called. (kidding) Anyhow, it was 1969 and I was 21. (thank you for the song, 'Running on Empty', Jackson Brown) On my birthday I arranged the financing and went to my dealer and went for it. First option: Posi. The rest of the car would useless without it. Next was the 375 horse 396 (really 425 horse) and the CX TH400 with 4.10's. Of course the other stuff meant it had to be a SS, with that engine. Next the RS option. Then the Endura bumper and spoilers and console with gauges and the 8 TRACK. It's still there and works. Then the vinyl top and Hugger Orange. Yep, the penis color. Who cares? I was a man by then! I sat for 10 minutes in the sales office trying to figure out how I could afford the JL8 four wheel disc brakes. It was 6 weeks pay. I went with the SS brakes.

Well, 139K miles later it goes around corners as well as my wife's 2013 SS/RS and is much quicker. At the strip it turns 10.495 @ 128mph. It's mostly all original except for the torque converter, (the original is under the work bench) and solid Lunati roller cam and slicks. 0-60 works out to 2.2 seconds. It gets there on its back wheels. Yep, wheelies at the track. All of this is with full 3" X pipe exhaust installed. Oh, and normally asperated, no cheating like nitrous.

It's almost a second quicker at the strip than the national record when it was new. Plus it's 100% as delivered except the spare tire is left home. (it still has FACTORY AIR TOO)


Street legal.

More fun.

It hasn't been driven during rain, on purpose, since 1974.


The bottom is as clean as the top and at least as original.

Hard fun.

I think I'll keep her.

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    Martin Spry Outer Banks NC May 15, 2014 at 07:35
    Great story. I waited until 50 to buy my 64 vette and loving every minute of it!
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    Tony Shnyder minnesota July 11, 2014 at 11:09
    Beautiful Camaro and great story!

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