George N

Bought to replace a Vega!

Back in 1982, 2 years after I met my wife, I was driving a 1977 Vega with a 4 speed. I taught Lisa, my wife, how to drive it. However, she was'nt very happy with the Vega. Can you blame her? So I told her that when I found something not to expensive with an automatic, we would buy it. So along comes this Camaro with a 6 cylinder, 2 speed powerglide. Perfect. The guy wanted a thousand bucks for it, so I talked him down to $800 bucks, and the rest is history. Still have the Camaro. Made a few changes and restored it along the way, but it is still a 250 cubic inch, 155 horsepower, original engine and transmission car. Big improvement over the Vega!

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