Craig P

You never forget your first!

Last of the second gens was all I could afford at 16. Worked 3 summers straight digging ditches to save enough to buy my first car. Well 12 years after parking it and subsequently towing it to from house to house as I matured along the way, she is finally a respected member of society. Along the way I have made some tweaks to the body that made it distinctly mine. I've been asked how much I've put into the restoration. Truth is, she's my first, she's priceless so I' haven't kept one receipt. We'll I've kept them all, but haven't totaled them up.

I paid for the paint and final body work, but I'm proud to say that I've turned and torqued every bolt on this car. She is a resto-rod with maybe 10% from the factory. Only one project left, re-skinning the seats to match.

She wasn't the popular one, but this is my longest running relationship.

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