Dan S 1951 Ford Woodie

Woodie Official car of Surf City


I was walking out of Starbucks on a Sunday morning in Huntington Beach, CA where I have enjoyed living for many years.

My wife and I have always been into old cars, she drives a 1955 Tropical Rose and Snowshoe White Ford Crown Victoria.

I had a 1931 Model A Ford but this would be the last day I would be driving it without a “For Sale” sign.

This would be the day I would be introduced to Woodies. There were about 10 of these cars parked on Main Street.

They had survived years of family service and then went on to become the most recognized car of the early surf scene.

The Woodie is probably second only to the surfboard as far as surf icons go.

You can’t see a Woodie without thinking of the beach and surfing.

Now they are calling my name, I had to have one of these.

Each car told its own story and you felt like you knew the road they had traveled to be here.

These weren’t just any old cars these were WOODIES and here I am living in Surf City USA without one, not for long.

I sold the Model A Ford and in July 1998 I was very fortune to find a 1951 Ford Woodie.

I was even lucky enough to get a personalized license plate that reads “HB WOODY.

Since owning the car I have followed in the footsteps of many of those first Woodie owners by making a few changes.

I did some personalizing to it so now you know its our car.

I got the personalized “HB WOODY” plate when I first bought the woodie as I didn’t have a pair of Y.O.M.1951 plates at the time.

I ran the personalized plates for several years and got attached to them.

Awhile back I saw an old car parked along side a neighborhood road with Y.O.M. plates.

It was then it hit me why I went through all the time and effort starting in 1981 to create the Y.O.M. program.

With the help of a lot of good people and the “Association of California Car Clubs” Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Y.O.M. program into law.

This was in 1985, over three years after I first wrote to my State Assemblyman Nolan Frizzlle as suggested by Rep. Bob Badham.

Bob was the crucial element in helping me accomplish this.

Yes, I now have Y.O.M. plates on the woodie.

May 2006 it has been long enough.

Its now time for the Woodie to be officially recognized by Surf City USA

as an icon of the beach and for its role in our surf culture.

I called Mayor Dave Sullivan and suggested that Huntington Beach proclaim the Woodie as its “Official Car.”

A few weeks later a group of us local Woodie guys spoke before the city council.

After a discussion and a vote that took less than ten-seconds

the Woodie was declared the Official Car of Surf City USA.

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