Dave M 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 2dr Convertible

We scraped a '67 Camaro RS/SS big block, 4 spd Convertible

Back in high school, (mid 70's) my friend showed up at my house one day with a white '67 rs/ss Convertible he said he just bought for 500 bucks. This thing was white, with a black top, and light blue interior with a grey primed front clip. The factory 396 had long since been replaced with a 327, but the 4 speed was still in it, and it still had the 396 markings, and it really ran and drove great!!! I thought he was nuts, since my step dad was scrapping cars at the time, and we never paid over 10 bucks for any car we ever scrapped...and almost all were driven to our house. That summer was spent riding around with the top down, and the tunes blasting, and looking for chicks. Once the sun went down, you couldn't notice the primed front clip as much. Life was grand those summer days and nights!!! One night, while riding around with a couple chicks, we were busy getting busy, and not paying a lot of attention to the road, my buddy missed a curve, went through a front yard, hit the rear of a '67 Leman's Convertible, and pushed it into the back of the '69 GTO Convertible that was parked in front of it....all 3 muscle car convertibles were total losses. My buddy made an attempt to replace the front clip and windshield of the Camaro, but like a fool, I convinced him to just scape it, and put the money into something else....which he did....a '64 Impala ss 409 Convertible, with factory 2 - 4bbl, 4 spd, but that's another story. In one fleeting moment, 3 GM, ultra-super Muscle car convertibles were lost forever. At the time, it didn't seem too big a deal. Now days, we often find ourselves talking about the ones that we let go of, and that one always seems to top the list.

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