Glen L

The Z/28 that almost got away...almost!

I have owned my Z28 for almost 35!

I'm actually the 2nd owner, purchasing it in September 1979 with 3,000 miles -the original owner bought it in June 1979 and had it for sale after losing their job. I took the car off the road every winter to escape the Central NY salt and drove winter rats...some were real rats!

There have been many times over the past 35 years that I thought I would have to sell this car -at one point even having placed an ad, but finding an alternative before it sold.

At this point my Z28 is an all original survivor with a little over 30,000 miles. It is white with orange/ red stripes and a red interior. It is a 350, 4speed, 3.73 posi car, with NO AC, NO power windows etc. and NO T-tops -just a basic Z/28 with an AM radio & 1 front speaker.

My car still has most of the original parts that came with it, even the paint is the original poor quality job that came from the factory! I still have the original Uniroyal tires ( 29,000 miles)in my basement!

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