Rick A 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 2dr Convertible

Reliving High School memories toplesss style

After spending my high school years cruising around in a 1967 Camaro Coupe after entering the real world of work and bills I had to part with my beloved high school Camaro. Some 30 years later and a family raised and out of the nest, it was time to track down another 67 Camaro. Although my search did not turn up my car from HS, I discovered a gem in Philadelphia, a 1967 RS SS convertible.

I immediately reached out to the owner to gather more information on the car. The owner was also the restorer who was an 80 year old retired mechanic. He had restored the car about 10 years prior and was ready to part with the car. I asked him if he could email me pictures and he mm informed me he didn't have a computer and would send polaroids. Polaroids? Yikes. By the time snail mail got those polaroids to me, I was sure someone would snap this car up.

Plan B.

I was a member of NSRA and utilized the "Fellow Pages" to find a fellow NSRA member in Phillips to snap some pics and email to me. I found some help and made him promise not to buy the car out from under me. He said he was a Ford guy. I was safe.

Couple days later my buddy called and said the car would turn him from a Ford guy to a Bow tie guy. He sent the pics and I immediately wanted the car but the owner would not let me wire the money and transport back to Arkansas. He insisted I see the car in person. So the wife and I hooked up the trailer and headed east. As it turned out, the car was better in person, and the owner just wanted to meet us to assure the car was going to a good home. He also loaded us up with extra parts for the car.

The icing on the cake was after we left Philadelphia, my buddy was at a Classic Chevy show in Virginia Beach and convinced us to swing down with the car to the show. We did and had to enter the car in the "trailered class". (BTW, it is not a trailer queen). We ended up scoring a silver 948.

It isn't my high school car, but it is the perfect car for my wife and I as we cruise through the Ozark of Arkansas.

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