Nelson B

My first car

Born a 1968 SS with a 327 and tunnel ram when we took possession as second owners.

When she left my hands (Stolen in Mountain View, Ca.) I had changed to a 396 with cross ram and turbo 400 transmission with line lock and B&M quick click shift.

I have looked for this car for years with few leads and would love to find her to restore for my daughter.

This was my first car all through H.S. (Mission H.S. in Fremont California) and into my late 20s

Pretty cheesy now looking back on it but adding the to big hood scoop, etching 68 SS Camaro in the front windshield, The Chevy emblem in the back widow and the play boy bunny logo in both side rear windows, seemed quite appropriate at the time (late 70s early 80s).

First race, first dates, first car shows, first, second and third accident (A little too much car for a 15-17 year old). I had a lot of firsts with this car and encourage anyone to act on the desire to own a classic, exotic, race, rare or any other vehicle that they dream of, because they are more then just a car. They can create a lifetime of firsts.

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