Jesse L

Bowtie blood runs deep...

I'm the youngest brother of two older sisters. I was born in 1960 so u can do the math.:) One of my first camaro memories was riding in the back seat of my older sister boyfriends 69 Pace car! It was only a couple yrs old ( 1971 ) but who would NOT in their right mind remember something like that! My dad had a well established salvage yard & you can imagine the muscle cars he would buy @ auction. Back then, they were not thought of like they are now. They werd just trying to make a living selling parts. Needless to say we all had & drove nice Chevy cars..And some very desirable ones now. I reme.ber before the gas crisis in 73, my sister had a 72 camaro ss, 396, turbo 400, posi, red w/ black interior car but had to get rid of it cause it used too much gas..I looked it up one day in my camaro book & found out they only made abt 1100 due to gm strike! Enclosed is my daytona yellow 69 rs z that i've been able to hang on to for over 35 yrs. Finished ground up resto 2 yrs ago. Havent drove a newer one yet & im sure they are amazing but there's somethin abt a short stroke 302, 4 speed, posi that words cant describe. .

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