jim t 1965 Pontiac LeMans GTO 2dr Convertible

Junkyard Queen

When I was in high school I owned a 65 GTO hardtop, 389 Tri power, 4 speed car and it was fast and I was young and stupid. I raced anyone at anytime, I ran with the headers open, burned out every chance I got and I racked up 24 points in 6 months, like I said, young and stupid. When my dad learned about all the tickets, (insurance bill showed up) he made me sell the car. I loved that car…

Fast forward about 40 years. Once our 2 children were through high school and were away at college, I convinced my wife that we could use a few bucks to buy a toy. I searched quite a while for something that fit into the budget, which wasn’t much. I know that I would never be able to find the car I wanted, which was a 65 nightwatch blue with a parchment interior just like the one I had in high school. Plus I knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford one in the condition I wanted, which was perfect.

So, I bought the car that I refer to as my junkyard queen. What a rust bucket, but it was all mine and it was a real GTO and a convert to boot. I spend the next 5 years doing a complete frame off restoration. I did all the work myself in our 2 car garage. The car was born as a 4 barrel, automatic teal turquoise car. I built the car that you see in the after picture. It’s a 406 cu in, Tri power, 5 speed Tremic manual, 4 wheel disc brakes, a/c, nightwatch blue and parchment interior. My wife and I do some cruising in it, mostly for food, but we have taken it on a couple of camping vacations as well. Love my GTO, again.

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