Robert S 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

My Little Pony

When a friend's teenaged son rolled this Mustang into a ditch in 1996, I was able to buy it for $704 and drive it home, tho very uncomfortably, because among other things, the roof was collapsed and pushed to one side. For the price, the car needed very little: a windshield, fender, headlight bezel, front apron, frame tweak... and a roof! A local Mustang graveyard (Mustang Andy, Spokane WA) provided me with a roof which I then trimmed to fit and welded on. In the process, the car was ever so briefly a convertible.

Driving the car, both my wife and I nearly put it in the ditch too, which led to a discovery that a rubber bushing in the suspension was half gone. As long as the remaining piece was on the bottom, all was well. But if the wheel unweighted, it was possible for the partial rubber piece to rotate to the top, which drastically changed the steering geometry and created a nasty death-wish pull to the left, undoubtedly the cause of the original crash - teenager vindicated.

Now having gone thru its second full restoration in 2012, the car has the original 289 2BBL (completely rebuilt) and a 2-stage paint job with red sparkles added to the first clear coat. These are subtle, and only visible when the sun angle is just right, giving an animated flash of interest as the car drives by.

The Mustang is my wife's daily driver, she calls it "My Little Pony".

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Robert S

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