John L 1964 Studebaker Daytona 2dr Convertible

Holy Grail of Studebakers

John Leggett always loved Studebakers but the one he wanted most was just rare enough that it's getting to be a real challenge to even find one anymore. As such, he didn't think twice about flying across several states to look at a car that had been sitting for years, was covered in dust, and not running. Most importantly, the car was straight and solid. What makes this model so rare? Studebaker ceased all U.S. production in December of 1963, thus the 1964 model cars were the last to roll off the once vast assembly line in South Bend, Indiana. Only 416 examples of the 1964 Daytona Convertible were produced in the U.S., (286 more in Canada) and this unique body style designed by Brooks Stevens was only available as a convertible for one year. A VIN number search, verified by the build sheet offered by the Studebaker National Museum showed that this particular car was originally a four-speed and had since been converted to automatic. There were only 47 four speed 1964 Daytona Convertibles built in the U.S., - adding to fun of this find! It took about nine months to get it cleaned up and operating properly again. Leggett says he plans to return the car to it's roots as a factory four speed but in the meantime it's ready for show and go!

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