Jim R

Living the Shelby Dream (Bucket of Bolts)

I have always been a fan of the Mustang since my dad brought ours home in 1965 and I was 9 years old.

One day in 1968 as I was sneaking a peak in my dad's Playboy, I saw the ad picturing Shelby and a green

68 Shelby, I was hooked I had to have it.

Well on April 13,1978 I bought mine.

I was the fourth owner.

The car was very rough running on five cylinders, brakes went to the floor and lights did not work front or


When I got it home my dad said you paid $2300.00 for this bucket of bolts.

I worked on it for over 28 years, through a divorce, vandalized, broken in, rough times and even trying to get it presentable for a honeymoon with my present wife, who calls the car my first wife that drowned.

June of 2005 the paint was beautiful, engine was painted and detailed and we were ready for crusin.

We made a few cruises and won quite a few awards.

Now we were getting ready for Crusin' the Coast in Gulfport, Ms. in August of 2005 at a friends place in Chalmette, La.

On August 28th he called and said he got up early and got The Beast running and if I would like I could pick it up before Hurricane Katrina hit, but the traffic is awful and I would have problems getting it out.

Well the car stayed as it had in several other hurricanes and that is how she became the wife that drowned.

Twenty feet of water in Hurricanes Katrina and then again two weeks later from Hurricane Rita.

We finally picked up the car in mid Oct. 05 and we were stopped by police and asked for registration, someone offered to buy it as we were heading back to our dealership where I work which I turned down his $60k offer.

We stripped the car and dipped and e-coated, painted the old girl and sent it to our friend in Canada where Peter Faull put her back together.

We had lost three houses under 13 feet of water and damage to the houses and the dealership that I work at so Pete was kind enough to finish her up.

We got the car back and have done a few shows and have won several awards but we enjoy cruising.

The last event was Mustang 50th where we displayed a photo album of the car and to watch people go through

the pictures and take pictures of my pictures of the car after Katrina is priceless.

This was my dream and I am so glad that I have saved a little piece of history.

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