Cecelia O 1964 Studebaker Daytona Wagonaire 4dr Station Wagon

Recalling My Younger Years

Some years ago, my husband was surfing the net and found a classic car dealer in Florida with a Studebaker Station-wagon needing some work. I'd told him that my parents had had one when I was young and he showed the one on his computer screen to me. The next thing I knew he had bought it and had it delivered. I tried to drive the Studebaker ONCE but the steering was way too hard and the brakes were all but non-existent even with new shoes and serviced properly. It took him years to get my approval to "upgrade" the car but finally I gave in. Now it has four-wheel power disc brakes, rack-pinion power steering...I think he said it was a Hights front suspension system. The little engine was vey anemic so he had a V-8 and automatic from a modern Dodge Truck installed along with a lovely interior I designed. Because of the computer type of engine it now had it needed a set of digital type of gauges but he found a company that made gauges that looked exactly like the stock ones so from the outside and even the interior (other than the automatic selector on the floor) it looks the same as it did the day it left the factory. We only drive it in good weather because there are still some issues with weather stripping that we are trying to address. It gets a lot of looks and is the only one we've ever seen here in Texas. I've let him take it to a couple of small-town car shows over the last couple of years but it doesn't win many prizes probably because everyone thinks while it is pretty it is still just a rare older car, but now it is safe and easier for us to drive.

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