John C 1971 Chevrolet Nova SS 2dr Coupe

I found her, a young mans first love.

I bought my first car, which was also my first Nova in 1978. I bought the car from a local dealer in my hometown in NC. I like many other kinds of the time wanted a Camaro. I was at the local dealer looking at a few cars, and he says. I just got a car in last week, haven't even put her on the lot yet, you want to take a look? I said sure, when we walked around the corner there she was, a 71 Nova SS with Keystone classic wheels. Man she was pretty. I opened the door and sat down in the high back bucket seats and I knew it was the car for me. I went to the bank, my first loan and purchased the car. I drove the car through High school and college, and continued being my daily driver until I purchased a much needed truck for my work. After that she only got driven once in a while, she sat covered in the driveway most of the time. Move on through time, got married and first child came along and the car was sold in the early 90's. Life goes on, as my son got older he wanted a classic car. So the hunt began and driving all these older cars brought back many memories of my beloved first car. I had not thought about keeping the VIN# or any info such as that. But one day when I was cleaning out my office, I found my first speeding ticket from 1980 when In college. Trying to get out of the tickets I had taken the car and had the speedometer calibrated. And low and behold he had written my VIN# on the paper work. Now I had a chance, tried many times on the internet to find her, but with the old VIN's being a shorter number than todays cars I never got anywhere. And I was to cheap to pay for a service. Also, I always had the scary thought of the car being wrecked and destroyed through the years. Move forward to early 2009, at a local car show I met another car guy. We were talking about our first cars, I said man I would love to find mine. He ask if I had the VIN? I said I did, he gave me his number and said call him tomorrow, I did. He says I'll get back with you, I said to my wife I'll probably never see him again. But a few weeks later he calls me up and has all the info of the last registered owner. I put together a letter with pictures of me and the car back in the day and mailed it to him. A week or so went by and I received a phone call, it was the owner of my former Nova. The car was In CT, my first thought was bad winter weather the car is probably a rust bucket. I ask if he would sell the car, he says no this car is very similar to his first car and that's why he'd bought her. He also says if he ever decided to sell, I would have first chance. I called every few months just as a reminder I was still interested. Then in December 2009 2 days after Christmas the phone rings. It was John the current owner, he said I never thought I would be making this call but if you still want the car I will sell it to you. I think I went into shock at that moment and the first words out of Suzanne, my wife's mouth was when are we leaving? We negotiated over the next month about price and what not and in early Feb. 2010 my wife and I sat out with trailer in tow for CT. And on Feb. 2. I saw my car for the first time in almost 20 years. And she is still a number matching real super sport Nova. And finally of Feb. 3 2010 my parents anniversary the car was in My driveway in NC again. I still have her today, and if all goes according to my plan she will never leave my ownership again. Thank you. John Coley

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