David D 1976 Triumph TR6 2dr Convertible

A Gift From A Father

When my father first purchased this car in 1988 it had been an accident and the left side had been damaged. At first, nothing was immediately done to it, but a few years later, he decided to take the car to a body shop, where they repaired it and got it looking like it had rolled off the showroom floor. That was in 1990, which is also the first year in which I could drive.

My father taught me how to drive on a three on the tree column shift GMC pick up truck. He made sure that myself as well as my two sisters learned how to drive a stick shift in case we were ever with a friend who might have been drinking and we needed to drive their manual transmission car home. Once I got my drivers license, he gave me the keys. Needless to say, it was a really cool car to have in high school. Fast forward a few years and I ended up going to college about 4 1/2 hours away from where I grew up. I drove this Triumph back-and-forth almost every other weekend and it never once broke down on me. However, I wanted something a little more modern with air-conditioning so they bought me a used Dodge pick up truck. The Triumph ended up sitting in a garage for years as I finished college and went on to other schooling. It sat for 12 years with no attention to it. My father would always ask me when I was going to get around to restoring it, and my answer was always "eventually". Well, my father passed away about three years ago and it wasn't until then that I decided to restore the gift he gave me when I was in high school. I brought it to someone who specializes in British car restoration and he restored everything but the motor. I got the car home and rebuilt the carbs, the fuel pump, and sent the distributor off for a recurve. Now the car is back to its original beauty, runs like a champ, and has won a few awards at car shows.

This car will always reminds me of my father and the good times we had together. I hope to one day pass this car on to my daughter and she will share in the rich memories as well.

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